saturday spaces :: DREAM CRAFT ROOM

I have a dream ......... a dream of more than just a corner .... a dream of a lovely large craft room ... I used to have a room to make things in, but as I was running a business from it too, it was full of lots of other things too ... like packaging and display stands for trade shows ...... in my dream my room is white ....
.... all white and light ... with a comfy chair ... a big desk to spread out on ...
I want all the storage and furniture white so that the colours of all the wools and craft materials look mouthwatering :)
I want to make one wall as an inspirational wall ... totally covered with samples of paper, fabrics, photos, ideas, notes and pretty things.
... from past experience a sink is always useful ;)
and I would have to have lots of flowers!
I already have some white furniture and storage baskets & boxes ready for when I get my room

Whats your dream craft room? or do you have it already?

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  1. I don't want a craft room, I want a studio :)

  2. For a minute I thought I was actually seeing your room as it is already. Whether it's real or still in your dream, it's absolutely fabulous. Love this blog (as well as the other one), am following and adding you to my list of favourites on my own blog. Hope that's okay ???


    btw I have my own studio ... a converted lean-to actually - covered in clay ... lol not exactly a haven of white ;)

    1. oh thank you for following, glad you like my blog :)

      I must admit that when I did have a work room it was not as tidy as these ... ever! haha

  3. Your dream craft room sounds, and looks, perfect! I would love my own craft hoping I will get one when I eventually move out, the boyfriend has promised me one ;) x

    1. thats surely the best reason ever to move in with the boyfriend ;)

  4. I would love to have a designated craft space. These are all so cool, you have some great ideas for yours.


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