wonderful wooflet

first I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the cutest little brown baby ever ... yep I mean my dog ... she is 7 today :) ... look at her ... what a cutie x
then I wanted to share with you some of my lovely presents from yesterday ... thank you everyone for all your birthday messages :)

I am really looking forward to trying some doodle stitching embroidery ... it looks so much fun :) and this pretty scarf is so me colours.
on my wish list since I first saw it is this lovely Emma Bridgewater mug and I am sure I can find one of my many many photos to put in this lacy frame :)

I spent my birthday money and some of my savings ... and got myself an iPad ...
been hankering after one since my dad got one a few years ago :) I nearly got one after Christmas but thought I would wait till the new one came out and I am so pleased I did ... I LOVE it :) ... its amazing how I now look at my iPhone and it seems so tiny and the icons so close together.

a few of you have commented on here and facebook how like my mum I look, so I thought it would be fun to see ... I took a photo of myself, on my iPad ;) and have put them side by side ... what do you think?
... to be honest I think its just the hair ... not that I don't want to look like my beautiful mum, I have only ever wanted to be like her :)

... well as much as I would like to spend the day playing with my new toy, I need to get ready for work but I will just leave you with this ......... yumm!


  1. I agree, your dog is the cutest! I want to kiss her lovely nose. Happy birthday to her. :) I love the gifts you've got, I bet you have lots of fun with the book and I know you'll love your iPad! I got an iPhone after I got the iPad and it does seem very tiny compaired to it. But I do love them both, especially for taking photos of the phone and then they show up on the iPad without having to do anything! And I still think you look like your mum! Both beautiful. :) Have a nice day. Xxx

  2. Haha, thank you for all of that :)


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