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Hello everyone! I'm Ronida ...

... 20 years old and currently jobless. Oh wait, don't hate me yet. I'm not a lazy girl who prefers writing self introductions than actually working for money to buy pizza and coke. (And one thing you should now, I'm having flight of ideas often---oh, the clouds are lovely today!) So yes, I just graduated from nursing school last March and without a license baby, I'm stuck in the unemployed list of my country, Republic of the Philippines, but don't worry too much, I'm working on it :)My blog Portable Sunshine is a reminder that we can still have a wonderful life wherever we are and in whatever circumstances. Happiness and sunshine are portable, so make sure you always bring a good dose of them in your pockets! I blog about everything but I usually write things that make me think, like marshmallows and kittens and yes, about the complexities of life. Hope you visit me because I'm obsessed in making new friends! :D.

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