Jubilee Cake Flags

I just wanted to share with you these really easy little JUBILEE CAKE FLAGS that I have made ... they are perfect for the Bank Holiday Weekend Celebrations!
First you need to download and print off the flags ... I have done either traditional red, white and blue or done a sheet with some fun coloured ones.
... just click on the one you want and it should open as a printable PDF
1. You Need
all you need is scissors, cocktail sticks and some glue.
2. Making The Flags
cut out the flags from the sheet.
They are basically 2 flags next to each other.
When they are cut, fold them in half ...
3. Attaching
Glue on the back of the flags.
Place the cocktail stick in the fold with a little of it poking out the top.
Fold over the flag, carefully lining up the corners and press together
... and you have a flag!!!
4. Eating
Place your flags in the top of your cakes ... admire ... then eat the cakes ;)
I would love to see any that you make
Have a great bank holiday weekend!


  1. Any chance they'd survive the post?! They look scrummy!

    1. The cakes! The flags are pretty but I can't consume them :)

  2. Cute little flags!
    Found your blog through the Blog Hop. I'm your newest follower, love it if you followed me back!



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