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I used to live in the country ... in the depths of Cornwall where the only way out was lots of windy roads and high hedges ... as I learnt to drive there I actually prefer those kinda roads than big busy ones!

I had a little car ... she was my 2nd little car ... my first was a little pale blue corsa, but this little car was special ... she was my dream car and I loved her lots ... look how sweet she was ...

I remember going to the show room to order her, Tina came with me and I picked out all I wanted ... heated seats (oh yeah!) sunroof etc .... I had to wait a couple of months for her to arrive, but she was worth it ....... I loved her :)

When I moved near to Brighton, to a town ... I sold her ... I was very sad to see her go but it had to be done.

Now I am back in the country ... well the edge of a town, in the country ... so not as stuck out in the sticks as I was, but you know ... still not that easy to get anywhere.

Its a long way off, but I am thinking of getting a little car again ... I would love another mini ... but don't think that will be in my price range ... I spied this one on Pinterest ... what do you think! ;) haha

What are you dreaming about at the moment??


  1. Aww she was a very cute little car! xx

  2. oh i so remember her!!! she was soooo lovely. i remember my dream car which i had a few years ago, she was a flame red soft top suzuki jimny jeep called laura. her name was spelt out in her number plate. I had to sell her to and i do miss her!!!

    at the momoent my dream is to go to london in january with my gorgeous hubby to celebrate my 40th birthday :) xxx


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