magpie monday :: QUEEN ELIZABETH

I am so excited by what I found this week ... it may not mean much to anyone else, but it has made me happy :)

Do you remember about 6 weeks ago, I found a mug at the car boot with King George VI's Coronation on it ... well I have found one in a very similar style only for our Queen Elizabeth ...
It wasn't such a bargain as the £1 I paid at the carboot ... it was £6 ... but as it goes so well I had to have it.
I think they would look lovely together on the dresser ... and I have been looking out for something to remember the Jubilee :)
I am also excited to have been given some lovely make up ... a lady I works with used to work for some top make up companies and was given samples all the time ... she still has loads, and bought some in for me on Saturday :)
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  1. Ooh, good find :)
    If she's got any eye liners or dark eye shadows she doesn't want... ;)

  2. Loving your mug - you're right it does go really well with your other one.

    Lucky you having a friend who gives lovely make-up away! xx

  3. Ah stunning! Very appropriate. I too have a royal mug on the blog today but a Silver Jubilee number x


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