Dilly-dog had her stitches out this morning and apart from not being allowed to run free in the field & have a more sedate-lead-walk along the road she is pretty much back to normal :)

Isn't she scrumptious ... I love her sooooooo ;)
I am also really pleased that she goes running into the vets with her tail wagging, so she has not got bad memories there x

It has been a weird few weeks and so I just wanted to share with you my favourite app on my iPad at moment, that has helped me relax before I go to sleep at night. Its called PuzzlePlus and I got it about 6 weeks ago ... first I got the art version as I didn't realise there was the original one that had a lot more choice of puzzles to do.

There is a choice of how many pieces you want so even my 9 year old niece, Kara spent many happy hours playing on it when they came to stay a few weeks ago. (she wasn't well, bless her, and just wanted to curl up on the sofa)

She mostly did cute animal ones, but because I first got the art version, the first ones I did were Van Gough ones.

This is the one I am now doing ... its in the Fairytale collection :)

My dad is also pretty addicted. After I got it, he got it for his iPad too and now has it on his computer as well.

The apps are free and come with lots of free jigsaws to do, but they also have some collections that cost, but once you have them you can do them as many times as you like .... oh and you can do lots of different puzzles at the same time, it saves where you are ....... its soooo good ;) .... speaking of which I am now off to bed and to finish my fairytale puzzle!


  1. glad Dilly is on the mend as for the puzzle app I will recommend it to mum :-)

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  3. I meant to say that I am glad she is ok x x


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