lavender bags tutorial

These little lavender bags are pretty easy to make and make lovely gifts.
1. You Need
Lavender (obviously!) white material for the lining, pretty outer fabric (I have used a voile type material) ribbons, lace, buttons, needle and thread and pinking scissors.
Oh, and you also need a plate ... tea plate/side plate size. The one I have used is 20cm in diameter.
2. Cutting your fabric
Lay your plate face down on your lining material and draw round it. I used a pencil, but pen is fine too.
Using your pinking scissors, cut around the inside of the circle (so your pen/pencil line doesn't show)
yes, I am left handed which is why this picture looks backwards ;)
You should end up with a zig-zag circle!
Draw around the plate again on your outer fabric. (I used a pen as a pencil wouldn't show up on the voile)
Cut out your circle with your pinking scissors.
This time I cut more 'on-the-line' rather than just inside, so that it is just a little larger than the lining.
3. Making The Bag
Using a needle and thread, fasten your thread either with a knot or an over-sew about 1 inch in from the edge. Use a fairly long thread as if possible this is the only thread you will use.
and do a running stick with little stitches all the way around.
When you reach the end have the thread ending on the other side of the material than the know/over-sew.
Gently pull the thread to make a little bag ... move the gathers so they are evenly around.
fill the pouch with lavender (you could also use dried rose petals, or other small dried flowers)
gently pull the thread and tighten the gathers together. Make sure the top is gathered enough so that the lavender can not fall out.
When gathered, do a little over sew to fasten the thread and you can also wrap the cotton thread tightly a few times around the gathers and do another over sew stitch. Don't cut off the remaining cotton.
4. Adding the Outer Layer
Place your lavender pouch in the centre of your outer circle of fabric.
Using the thread that is attached to your lavender pouch and pick up with a little stitch about an inch from the edge.
work your way around the circle picking up stitches about an inch and a half between each stitch.
carefully gather the outer fabric around the pouch and move the gathers so they are evenly spaced.
with a little over sew stitch attach the outer fabric to the lining.
You should end up with something that looks a bit like this ...
5. Decorate
Cut some ribbon or lace about 35cm long.
Wrap your ribbon/lace around your lavender pouch ...
... make sure that your gathers are even ...
... and tie it in a double knot to fasten it.
Tie the ribbon/lace into a bow
... select a couple of buttons
and using the cotton thread that is still attached, sew it through from the inside out through the bow and attach the buttons.
you will need to do a few stitches to make sure its secure.
and there you have it ... pretty little lavender pouches!
I would love to see any you make!


  1. Hmm, I'm sure I've seen that fabric before ;)
    Very pretty! x


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