pretty colours

I am on a bit of a smoothie roll ... I have lost a few pounds and am feeling very focused ... I have tried some different ones (basically shoving in lots of fruit from the garden ... they nearly all come out pink!) and in the last week I have been adding pineapple too (not from the garden sadly ... that would be a pretty great garden to have pineapples growing!!)

We have a big family party coming up at the end of August, and to keep me focused and to break some bad habits, I have made my lock-screen-photo on my phone a constant reminder. It really works as in my weakest moments of wanting to nibble, I usually have my phone with me ... like when I am out in town and there is lots of temptation, or late at night (which really is one of my worst times) is when I check my phone.

Do you remember last year, the roses that were growing next door ... 2 colours from the same bush? ....... well they are at it again ... and again, they are PERFECT

ahhhhh ......... just love roses ;)


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx