a chat with CATHRYN from CRAFTY CHAI

tea and crafts, crafts and tea ... sounds like a perfect day! ... meet Cathryn ...

8 words that most describe you?
creative, a dreamer, funny, caring, weird, worrier, obsessive, chaiaholic.

What do you make?
Mainly I knit and make small bits and pieces, like mug cosies and ear warmers, but recently I've been a bit more adventurous and have just knitted my first ever jumper! I also make silver jewellery, using silver wire as well as making gift cards. From time to time, I also sew, but I'm not very confident at that!

What new craft would you like to try?
I would really like to have a go at lino printing. It looks so much fun and is quite different to anything else I do. Plus it would mean I could play with paint!

Do you collect anything?
Buttons. I love buttons. New ones, old ones, small ones, big ones - I love 'em all! Friends have given me loads, as have relatives. I have loads! But that doesn't stop me from buying more when I see them. My favourites are vintages ones that you can buy on bits of card. I don't know why but this really appeals to me! This collection has lead me to also collect jars! Yep, I organise my buttons into colours in jars!

Do you have any scars? how did you get it/them?
Sadly I have quite a lot of scars! I've always been very clumsy - starting when I was three & I cut my chin on a radiator when I fell out of bed! I've got one on my wrist from tripping and landing on a broken glass bowl. I've also got quite a big scar on my knee from falling over on a beach & then reopening the cut by falling over at school! I fall over way too much!

What’s on the walls in your room?
When we moved in, we had to have some of the walls plastered so I've been very tentative about putting anything up. But I do have some pictures up. Two are beach scenes, which is a real favourite of mine. I grew up in Pembrokeshire & had access to some of the world's best beaches (not that I'm biased!) so when I moved to landlocked Oxfordshire I bought a lot of beach pictures. I've also got two vintage pictures - a Victorian floral oil painting & a cross stitch sampler from 1923. I have two pin boards that contain cards, business cards & tickets. Finally, I've got a few inspirational cards & posters up, from people like Gabrielle at The Green Gal and Nikki Williams.  

Whats your favourite ice-cream flavour?
Ben & Jerry's cookie dough is my absolute favourite as it combines my three favourite things - vanilla ice cream, cookie dough & chocolate! When I can't have that, I always go for vanilla. I know it sounds boring but you know where you are with vanilla!

Describe your home in 5 words
Old, eclectic, sponsored by Apple! 
sponsored by apple ... our house is like that ... nothing else is allowed to enter ;) ... and jars of buttons ... sounds like heaven!

You can say hi to Cathryn on twitter @craftychai, follow her crafty adventures on her blog or check out her lovely makes on Folksy.


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