Avebury Manor

holiday time ... nothing too exciting ... a week away visiting family ... meeting my gorgeous 3 week old baby niece ... some shopping ... and some touristy things.

Dilly dog loves adventure and is good company wherever we go.

on our way to my brothers we stopped off at Avebury Manor ... you know, where they did The Manor Reborn.

Unfortunately it rained ... poured the whole time we were there

but it is such a lovely place and it was fun to be able to touch everything ...

... and see the hand painted Chinese wall paper, lie on the bed in the Queen Anne room and try out the exercise chair.

The garden would have been lovely to wander in if it hadn't been for the heavy rain.

and if we had had time and not on our way somewhere, and if the weather hadn't been so bad, I would love to have had a proper look at the village and walk around the stone circle.

have you been there yet?


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx