calling all tea lovers

so, I have been busy this week getting a project ready that I have been planning since last Christmas.

Last December my brother and sister-in-law, who is a big tea drinker, decided to try out some of the teas she had during Advent. So rather than have an advent calendar, they popped the kettle on and brewed a different type of tea each day. They then shared on facebook with all of us what they thought of each tea and sometimes they put up a photo too. They had so many comments and it inspired me to make some packs up so we can all join in this year and meet up on facebook or on a blog ...
so this week I have been busy ...

I am so pleased with how they have turned out ... but it has been a lot of work ... 480 tags have been attached to tea bags, stickers have been stuck, letters folded, tins packed and finished products admired!!

If you would like to join in and try some new teas this winter, then packs are available from my shop, or you can email me for more details. They are £5 per pack and £3 postage and packing. This cost just covers the cost of tea, tins and printing (and postage!). They have taken hours and hours to make so make, but this cost has not been included. 

This is hopefully going to be lots of fun, so if you already have lots of teas or want to buy your own to join in, a full tea list will be available in a few weeks on the AdvenTea blog. (if you want to buy all the teas yourself it will cost about £45) I have bought all the teas from Twinings, just so that its easy for everyone who wants buy their own to join in, to get the same.

There is a limited amount of packs, so please order yours soon if you want one!
Packs won't be posted until the beginning of October.

So if you are interested or know anyone who loves tea, I look forward to hearing from you! x


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx