you know I have the best dog in the world ... you know I do!! ... she can do the usual doggy tricks, paw, sit, lye, howl in a funny way, roll over, stay etc ... but she also has a very special ability ... she is psychic ... psychic when it comes to cheese ...

You can make a cup of tea and need the milk, or go to the fridge to get anything out and she will stay where she is ... on the windowsill, in the garden, sleeping on her favourite chair ... but if you just THINK about cheese, she is there ... at first I thought she could hear the packaging and somehow recognised it, or could smell the cheese ... but she can come to the fridge before you even get it out ... she just knows ... and she will do anything for some too ;)

I am not sure how this great skill will help her in life although it has awarded her lots of cheese over the years!! haha.

does your dog have any skills like that?


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx