Last weekend I bought a kindle and it arrived on Tuesday morning :)

'don't you have an iPad already?' I hear you ask ... well yes I do, and I love it ... LOVE IT!!! I use it every day and have read many books on it, but it is not ideal to be taking in my handbag everyday so I can read it on the bus or wherever I am. It takes up half my bag and I worry about it, worry it will get damaged or stolen.

When I saw my Auntie's kindle a couple of weeks ago, I loved how small it was (half the size of the iPad) and how easy it would be to keep in my bag and how many books it would hold and thought it would be a great addition to my gadget family ... so I went for it and got myself the touch screen one ... it was a toss up between the touch and the keypad one, but I wanted it small, so went for the touch.

The touch screen does seem pretty jerky and doesn't always like my finger-tips ... so I am using the touch pen that I have with my iPad and it seems to be better with that ... maybe I am just used to the ultra-smoothness of the iPad, is this jerkyness and not always always selecting the letter you have selected on the keypad usual for the kindle? ... I think I will stick with the touch pen.

Before I moved a couple of years ago, I got rid of LOADS of books ... so I have been having fun seeing how many of the ones I loved I can get for free :) and also finding some new book.

I have bought myself a cheap white cover for it ... for now ... but I think I will be making my own sometime.

... so anyone got any books they want to recommend? ... preferably free ;) haha!

Dilly-dog has been enjoying the gorgeous weather we have had this week ..... and so have I ;)


  1. Have you read the Millennium trilogy? I'm not a fan of reading but I loved them.

  2. Ah kindles are amazing! I love mine. I have the keyboard one, although mine broke the other week - but amazon were fantastic and sent me a new one even though I was outside my warranty :)
    I have lots of books I could recommend. Try 'Me before You' by JoJo Moyes - not free I don't think, but an amazing read! xx


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