nice post

The post was good today ... apart from the fact that our doorbell doesn't seem to be working and it was only by chance that I saw the postman there!

There are a couple of birthdays at work this month of 2 lovely ladies, so what better gift than hand made chocolates ... I have been looking for a reason to buy some of Kerry's gorgeous chocolates ~ truffle piglet

I bought them each a box of mixed milk chocolates

I love the piglet chocolates ... they all look pretty scrummy though!

If you have a gift for special friends that you need to get ... or just fancy a treat for yourself, there are lots of chocolates and sweets to choose from at truffle piglet.

The other post that arrived was the case for my kindle

It was only a cheap white one from eBay ... this is the 2nd one I have ordered as I managed last time to get one that was slightly too small ... my fault ... momentary laps in my usual brilliance at shopping! haha!!

It will keep my kindle safe in my handbag and I can now stop using the jiffybag I have been using ;)

I am hoping to make a case myself, but this will be great until then.

It came with a free clip-on torch ... it looks like very cheap plastic and probably won't last long (sound very pessimistic don't I! haha) but I will enjoy using while I can!

I like nice post days :)


  1. Mmmm those chocolates look delicious! Checking out Kerry's website now :) x


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