friday's favourite 5

Here are some of my favourite things from this week ...

1. I have been buying some barginous jewellery over the last few months ... the bangle is my total favourite ... it was only 99p on eBay with free p&p!! The watch is from Avon and reduced down to £12. The fox ring is sooooo cute ...

£2.50 with free p&p from eBay, and the little mouse was only 99p ... again free p&p! The toe ring is so sweet actually came as a pack of 2 ... I wear toe rings all the time and don't think I had taken my last one off for a couple of years! this one is elasticated though, so very comfortable :)

2. I have been using this great eye liner for about 6 months now ... rather than a brush it has a hard long pointed sponge pad thing ... like a brush but without the bristles that stick out when you don't want them too! I use the brown, but it is available in black, blue, brown and waterproof.

3. I am 'almost' ashamed to admit this but I am hooked ... The Real House Wives Of Orange County ... I have watched a few episodes of some of the other real house wives series, but this series of the Orange County girls has been great viewing !!!

4. I have had a KILLER of a sore throat for the last few days ... KILLER ... felt really lousy ... the only good thing is the elderberry cordial that I drink when I get a bad cough or throat ... made from elderberries picked during September, it is the best cure!

5. These great bangles and bracelets made by Alisa Burke ... she has a tutorial for them on her blog too ... I really want to get one of those cool wood-burning tools!

What are you lovin' this week?


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx