felted owl

happy day today ... a day off ... and some nice post :)
first, pet insurance letter arrived today ... addressed to 'Maria Hogan and Dilly' !! it made me smile ;)
second, my cute little felted owl from Riamelin arrived :)

... isn't he cute ... I just love his eyes and the little heart on his tummy and under his wings.
he is called Ori (after one of the dwarfs in The Hobbit)
little owl and Ori are now looking for a branch to perch on
Sharon makes all sorts of animals and cuteness, so please if you fancy your own little felted friend please check her out :)

I am enjoying a day off today and am about to settle down to an afternoon of making Christmas presents for my little nephew and nieces :) ... I am determined not to get distracted by my patchwork which is calling to me ;)

Also don't forget if you want to join in with AdvenTea, there are a few packs left :)
whatever you are up to today, have a good one x


  1. I love owls and Ori is adorable!

  2. Awkward, thank you so much for showing him on your blog, he looks like he's making friends and is happy to be with other owls. :) Your patchwork quilt is looking lovely so far! I'm really looking forward to The Hobbit movie, it's my favourite book. :) xxx

  3. LOL, not awkward! That was a "Awww" silly auto correct. ;)


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