magpie monday :: books

Mum and I were planning a shopping trip to Hereford today ... we got to the station only to be told that due to flooding at Shrewsbury the train wasn't running, so we had a little mooch in town instead.

I found a few of books in the YMCA charity shop ...

This lovely victorian flower album book is very similar to The Country Diary Of An Edwardian Lady ... the pages are full of gorgeous watercolour paintings.

these sort of paintings always inspire me to pick up my paintbrush

the pages are really thick and I am so pleased to have found it. it was only £1.99 too!

These were the other 2 book ... World of herbs (49p) ... full of recipes, remedies and decorative ideas ... the other is Good Housekeeping book of embroidery stitches (99p) ... I have many books of stitch ... I can't resist them ... they are my one weakness ;)


  1. Wow loads of pretty inspiration there.


  2. I share your weakness for stitching books - great finds!

  3. I LOVE the Victorian flower book!!! Botany and art... all in one nice, old book... that's the intersection of three of my weaknesses! haha.
    Enjoy, and if you ever find another one like it let me know. ;)


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