NEC crafts for Christmas

Mum and I had a mini-adventure over the weekend. After work on Saturday we hopped on a train and headed for my Aunties ... had a very comfy night and then yesterday morning headed off the the NEC to the Hobby Craft and Crafts for Christmas show.

We had a lovely day with my Auntie and cousin, Liz ... spent lots of money and bought some lovely bits ...

These pretty woodland pendants were from Mosaic Creativity and I am really looking forward to making something with them. My mum also bought some and plans on making a wall hanging woodland picture and sewing these pendants on to it :)
This lovely wide voile has holes all along one edge so you can knit it ... it makes a really pretty summer scarf ... it wasn't that cheap ... £9.99 for one pack, but I can't wait to have a go with it.
These gorgeous paper is designed by at The House of Zandra ... she had some really sweet designs ... check her out!
I did succumb to my one weakness ... no not wool ... that is my other weakness ... I mean beads ... these were from The Spellbound Bead Company ... I have bought online from them before, but it was lovely to see everything rather than just photographs :)
A while ago I bought some lovely wooden stamps ... little ones ... one of the stands at the show yesterday, Colouricious,  had LOADS ... so I bought a few more ... The lady on the stall told us that she designs them, her business partner finds out of work carpenters in India and they carve the stamps and get all the money for them ... she does it for love ... the stamps they sell supports 40 families in India :) These stamps are great on fabric too ... I really love the flower one.
While we were at her stall, she need tissues as she had a cold, I had some on me but while we were talking my mum went to the cafe and grabbed some paper napkins ... she was so thankful, she gave us a pack of papers for free!!
... I have been looking for a nice chunky hooded jumper pattern for a while ... so I grabbed this one as soon as I saw it ... I say grabbed ... I did pay ;)
One of the stands was full of beautiful braiding ... rolls and rolls of them ... my mum picked this ... she doesn't know what she will do with it yet, but it is really pretty :)
Next to the Hobby Craft hall was the Crafts for Christmas hall ... a hall full of gifts and ready made crafts ... I parted with more money in this hall ... I can't show you everything as some of my purchases are Christmas presents ... but I did by a few bits for myself ...

This magical painting was on a stand full of fairy tale magical paintings similar to this one ... I found it very hard to pick one ... they were all so special ...
This one is called The Glade.
They are by Glyn Matthews and I would love to save up and get another sometime ... maybe {{this one}}
These sweet little felt animals are brooches, apart from the robin, which is a decoration. The sweet little owl was bought for me by my cousin :)
Hedgerow Designs had some lovely nature jewellery ... I just bought this sweet little ladybird on a stone though.
One present I bought that I can show you is this jug for my mum ... she picked it so she knows she is getting it ... The stand was so pretty and full of hand painted ceramics by Jenny Bell.
My cousin has been busy making lots of hanging birds for Christmas ... I love Christmas decorations that mean something ... I love looking at my Christmas tree and seeing memories and special times.
here are some of my phone pics from the our little adventure ...


  1. wow what a lot of lovely goodies :-) glad you had such fun! xxx


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