jewellery and tea

I made some jewellery last night ... that involved moving a lot of things (junk) off my beading chest which is basicly my dumping ground by my desk ...

I used magnetic and silver beads
being magnetic, this one can just wrap around my wrist ....

I like wearing them together too!

It has been so lovely making jewellery, it feels like ages since I made something.

and today's cuppa tea ...

4th December
:: assam ::

this tea bag smelt quite strong, I wasn't expecting to like this tea, but you know what ... its ok! I have a terrible habit of letting cups of tea go cold ... terrible habit ... like 3 in a row, and I nearly did with this one too ;)
I would definitely drink this again if someone offered it and as a first cup of tea in the morning, I really enjoyed it ... needed it more like ;)

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  1. Oooo I love all the different ways you can tie/wrap your bracelet! very cute! :)

    and oh, I'm sooo good at letting my tea go cold, too. In fact, I think a cuppa tea is going cold right now, as I catch up on my Google Reader. haha


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