magpie monday and some Christmas tea

I bought this bracelet (or is it an anklet as its a weird length) a few weeks ago from the YMCA charity shop for 99p. It managed to get buried on my very *cough* tidy desk but I just found it again ...

I think I will take it apart and use the flowers to make something else.

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and todays Christmas tea ...

24th December
:: mulled spice ::

I so wanted to like this tea ... it smelt soooo lovely and Christmassy ... Dilly didn't like it though turned her head away everytime I put it near her! .... but I didn't like it that much ... I really wanted to like it though as its Christmas Eve!!!

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If you have joined in with AdvenTea, I hope you have enjoyed it :)

After all the work I put into it all I didn't want to just throw away the tags I had made for the tea bags, so on my set, I added some wire and curled it ... they are now little hanging tags ... all I need is to find a lovely branch over the next year, ready for next year ... and each day I can hang the each days tag on :)

... and I can use the AdvenTea tin to store them in! If you want to do this with your tags, the wire I used was approx. 11cm long.

So I hope you all have a lovely Christmas Eve and a magical Christmas day ... and remember ... Christmas is about Love x


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