the clothes show live 2012

I got back from The Clothes Show at Birmingham NEC last night. I had been there since Saturday night for work. It was great fun, but very tiring. Here are some of my phone snaps of the last 4 days ... our stand was right by a stand where Katie Price and Sam Faires (I know! I had no idea who she was either!!) were signing books

There were lots of great stands (as well as ours!) fashion shows, hair demos, free gifts, goodie bags and bargains! I spent more than I planned to including buying a new hand bag:)

Lots of make-up stands were giving away great goody bag offers ... and I did succumb to some of them! We also got our nails done for free at the Bourjois stand and in doing so got a voucher for some of their make-up. I bought some oyster nail varnish and this great nail varnish remover (the pink pot) inside it is a special sponge soaked in remover so you can get nail varnish off using only one hand.

I bought something I really don't need, I would love to convince you I need it, but I don't ... another handbag :) I don't need, but I do love it ... its quite big and would would also do as an over night bag. It is dark chocolate brown and has a really pretty lining.

You can't go to the clothes show without buying some clothes ... and I treated myself to this pretty dress ... it was a bargain and I really love the colour. It is mid-thigh length and really silky to wear :)

Then I went a bit scarf crazy ... this lovely one was 2 for £5 so a couple of us got them, going half each ...

... and look this one has little owls on!!

ok, so it wasn't just scarves ... rings being my one weakness caught my eye too ... this lovely wooden one was only £5 and is so smooth ... I love how chunky it is ...

I got this bow one from the same place as the owl scarf. It goes with the gold nails I got done on the Bourjois stand.

... and this mother of pearl ring ... well I am not sure why I bought this ... it was a total whim buy ... but you can never have too many rings can you??!

One fun thing I bought was a pack of sleep-in rollers ... I wanted to try them straight away (well that night) so I put them in and slept in them ... I was amazed that all my hair fit in them and that I slept quite well as they are sponge inside with velcro around them. In the morning my hair had quite a bounce but I didnt have any hair spray so no curls stayed in. I am looking forward to trying it again now I am home and have things like clips and moose here.

Opposite us was the stand where they had the book signing and on the last day we ended up with goodie bags full of free book! not sure I am bothered about reading them all (well definitely not the towie one) but I may dip into the others ;)

Oh I do love freebies:)

I also managed to record some of the fashion show. JLS did a 10 minute spot before the show ... here is some of the catwalk show ...

taken on my iPhone - view full screen ... its better!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx