I have had a bit of a break from blogging this Christmas ... it has been a lovely Christmas and New Year and I can't believe that its all over already! I am not looking forward to taking down the tree ... that always feels sad

some pictures taken over the last few weeks ... you can follow me on instagram @mariainthewood

I'm sure you have seen on other blogs the lovely idea of a jar full of memories ... I have decided to make one too ...

I have used a kilner jar and added some old bracelets and lace to decorate it.

throughout the year I am going to make a notes of all the lovely, special, funny, great and new things that happen ...

and then next New Year, I can read them all and give thanks for what a great year 2013 is going to be and all the lovely things that happened!!

I don't really have an New Years resolutions apart from to stop giving Dilly-dog tit-bits from my plate ... they are only a few savory bits, but I don't want her to start begging from anyone else.

Have a lovely 2013 x


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx