I have never looked forward to a year as much as I am looking forward to this one :)

I was sad to take down the Christmas tree
I have already bought myself a new handbag
I am hoping to take photos of fox cubs this spring
I have discovered that I love white vans
I forgot how cold winter can be
I can't believe that I have lost weight over Christmas!
I still love honey on toast for breakfast
I am worried that I have too much stuff
I dream of wooden walls and rooms full of love
I think Dilly-dog is turning into a fur ball
I got sent a sweet owl hot waterbottle as a late Christmas present
I am reading another Robin McKinley book
I now have a pink hairbrush!
I am looking forward to everything!

I hope 2013 brings you happiness


  1. This is a really beautiful New Year blog post....love it!


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