my little brown bear

so have you all survived the snow? Dilly-dog loves the snow and will go out there and roll around in it (I know, crazy-dog!)

the snow sticks to her in clumps and she comes in covered in ice balls

she always makes me think of a brown bear in the snow, especially her back view ... I can just imagine her walking off in the snow into the forest with snow all over her!

look at that cheeky face ;)
photos taken through the window in the sunroom so they are not the best shots!


  1. Aww, your litte pup looks absolutely adorable!! And like she's having so much fun. :)

    I hope we get snow here this year...

    I learned what "cheeky" meant a few weeks ago on a British YouTuber's channel... JacksGap. They're pretty adorable, too.

    Hope you are well, M.


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