I am in love ...

.... 'in love' with my new bread bin ... and wouldn't you be?!

as soon as I saw it I knew that no other bread bin would do ... it is lovely matt cream china with a wooden lid.

I found the bread bin as I was originally searching for a utensil pot and found this one ... I was very excited when I found the whole range :)

sadly though they were out of the coffee jar that matched ... although I went on line last night and saw they were back in stock!! ... typical ... ahh well as its mostly tea we drink I figured we would survive without a coffee jar!

Then I found the lovely round set ... there are 3 size jars ... please don't ask how much they all cost ... as I will lie and say they were a bargain ... but they are my treat to myself and they will look gorgeous in my new kitchen :)
when these gorgeous storage jars arrived last night I thought they would make a great tea, coffee and sugar set ... the little one is perfect to turn into a sugar bowl just by taking the lid off! As I said before we drink a lot of tea and a huge favourite of mine is apple and pear and I drink it as much as regular tea, the square tea jar will do for that and this set can have the regular tea.

I can't stop touching them, they are so silky and match my cream china that I inherited from my mum perfectly ... I am one happy 'in love' girl ;)


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx