I am ...

I am tired, but I am happy
I am not sure whats going to happen in the next few months, but I am not worried
I am busy saving, but I am also busy spending
I am thinking of all the blog posts I can do, but have hardly blogged at all this year
I am amazed at God, but shouldn't be
I am the biggest I have ever been, but I also feel beautiful
I am looking forward to a cosy home, but I am wanting to see the world
I used to hate Sundays, now I love them
I have spent years learning patience, but now I can't wait
I am in love


  1. I feel like I've been commenting on every post lately, but maybe that's because I miss you and FV... :)

    I like the idea/format of this post and the other personal ones you've been doing recently.
    I definitely feel ya on having so many ideas for the blog and not acting on them!! Compared to me, you still are blogging a lot!

  2. You seem happier Maria. Is being in love the cause of this? :) I'm glad you are happy. Love is everything. xx

    1. hi Sophie, yes love is everything to do with it )


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