its a door!

I have finished a door!! (yes just the one so far!) but I am so pleased with it :)

It came out from under the heavy books looking great ... I trimmed the edges and sanded it all down ...

the sanding made it so lovely and smooth, I just wanted to stroke it ;)
I did use wire wool too, but actually don't think I need to for the others, sand paper is enough.

There were a few small gaps between some of the squares, so I filled them in and sanded again

I didn't want a high gloss finish so found some lovely silk varnish and applied 3 coats

I am sooooo pleased how its worked out and can't wait to start on the others :)

Once they are all done and back up attached to their cupboards I will post a photo to show you :)


  1. Such a neat idea, Maria! I love the patchwork look.

  2. We need to see them when we come down in a few weeks... xx


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