take a kitchen cupboard door

take an old kitchen cupboard door ... a lovely orange one that has seen better days ...

to give our kitchen units a facelift till we can replace the kitchen I had a bit of a brain wave ... or so I thought ... rather than just paint them and cos I love wood, I bought some sample assorted packs of veneer wood from eBay ...

I cut them into 10cm x 10cm squares ...

... until I had a nice assortment of woods ...

my plan was to have a patchwork of woods on the doors ... after showing Steve though, decided it was too busy and having too many different wood colours looked too much, so I have been more selective with the woods I have used.

you can see how delightful the orange doors are in this photo ;)
(photo taken on my phone, so not great!)

I cleaned the doors with white spirit (smells gross but works wonders!) and then spray painted all around the edge of the doors where they had yellowed with age and sprayed the black rim handle.

I then measured out 10cm x 10cm squares on the door front.

and using my more subtle colour pallet, had fun arranging my wooden squares in a random pattern :)

I love the oak burr, but only have a few squares of that so need to use sparingly!

once I got them looking random, and using masking tape, I taped them together to make a sheet.

using a contact adhesive I covered both the door and the back of the patchwork sheet in glue and left for 10 minutes till it went all clear ...

... and carefully, with the help of an extra pair of hands, put the two sticky sides together and laid my beautiful patchwork onto the door ...

... some of the wooden squares really wrinkled with the glue but once laid onto the door and with the iron on VERY low heat they soon flattened out again :) Once stuck down, I peeled off all the masking tape and admired how lovely it looked!!

The glue really needs about 24 hours to stick properly, so I laid some very flat wooden boards on the door and piled heavy books and a box full of craft magazines on it ...

I now have to wait till tomorrow evening before I can have a look and see how it looks! I then need to sand it all down and trim the edges then seal and varnish it! ......... and then hopefully, if it looks as lovely as I think it will ... do it again on a load more doors!!


  1. Such a fab idea....so creative! Make sure you post some photos of the final product :)

    1. thank you :) will do ... fingers crossed it will look good :)

  2. Ooh I can't wait to see the finished project! Its looking good so far :-)


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