lace lampshade

I guess this is a bit of a magpie monday and tutorial post really ... I bought this vintage lace sofa head rest cloth thing for a couple of quid cos I love lace ... but not really just cos I love lace, I did have a project in mind ... a pretty lampshade for our bedroom :)

its a lovely natural colour linen with a wide lace bottom ...

I bought a lampshade kit off eBay which arrived yesterday morning :)

... so that was my evening last night ... making the most beautiful lampshade there ever was!!

The kit includes a sheet of PVC that is sticky on the back, I measured out my fabric and marked the size of the PVC sheet ... (I should point out that I ironed the linen first as being linen it was very creased!)

... and stuck it on ...

I trimmed the PVC to fit around the scallops of the lace

using a knife I trimmed off the access linen

the PVC already has a fold that can be snapped and peeled off which makes exactly the right size edge that is needed later.

The kit also includes some double sided tape that you wrap around the wire frames. Usually you wrap it around both the top and the bottom, but as I am doing things differently and making it up as I go, I just used the top ring.

I trimmed down the side of the fabric too and added a strip of double sided tape

I peeled off the cover for the double sided tape and lined it up with the edge of the PVC and rolled it round ... the double sided tape stuck really well

usually you roll both rings at the top and bottom of the shade at the same time making a nice secure tube ... you then seal the side with the double sided tape. This was a bit more awkward for me as I was just using the one ring.

The kit provides you with a little tool that you can use to push the edging in around and under the rings.

I placed the 2nd ring in the bottom ...

and sewed it in place at every arch of the wavy lace edge to add strength to the bottom of the shade

I then carefully sewed the lace together ... this is what took the time, but amazingly the pattern all matched up and so a seam is not obvious ... its amazing how well it fits!

... and here it is ... thank you mum for the use of you arm!!

and here ... against a dark background ... I can't wait to put it up and see the light shine through the lace :)

If you fancy having a go at making a shade, I would definitely recommend having a go with one of these kits :)


  1. I have a shade that needs covered. You have inspired me. Thanks for sharing.


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