magpie monday :: mirror and bobbins

Years ago my parents bought me my lovely chunky pine chest of draws for my clothes, in recent years I have also been using as a dressing table as well ... I have a pretty painted shelf unit on it with photos, pretty jars and a pile of books

The other week I was in the antique market in town and spied this beautiful pine dressing table mirror top ... I had to wait till I was paid on Saturday, and happily it was still there, so I snapped it up :) ... I should probably confess here that it wasn't me ... I was working all day so my parents who happened to be in town that day got sent out with my bank card and bless them, carried it all the way home!! I know I am a very lucky girl!

and guess what ... without me even measuring it ... it fit perfectly!! I gave it a big clean and replaced all my trinkets ... well most of them, and I am so pleased with it ... its PERFECT :)

Yesterday Steve and I went to Ross-on-Wye and came across a carboot ... its been a good few months since I have been to a carboot, and was very pleased to find a box of lace bobbins ...

they need a bit of a sort, but any good box of lace bobbins always does :)


  1. Wow that looks a perfect fit! Lucky lady!

  2. Wow that is very lovely and turns your chest of drawers into something really special!

  3. Oh my goodness, it's beautiful. How lucky it fits so well, it looks like it was made for that space.

    Love the bobbins too. I'm not a lacemaker but I can appreciate them just as objects.

  4. Oh I love lace bobbins - my husband's Nana made lace and we have some of her bobbins now.


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