my day

I took a days holiday today ... it was a thrilling day! truly one of the best! ... ok so it wasn't thrilling ... but it was a lovely chilled out day and just what I needed ... the day started off with some root touch up ... my mum usually dyes my hair ... even when I didn't live near her I would have to go visit her regularly to keep me looking young ;) well she is away at the moment, and I needed a touch up, so I thought I would try this ... Clairol Root Touch Up and I have to say it was very easy to use, made very little mess ...

... and look! it seems to have worked!! ... If you need a touch up and you want something easy, I would recommend having a go with this :)

while I was doing my hair I did wonder where dilly-dog had got to as when I am at home she is usually with me ... I soon found her on the comfiest seat she could find in the sunshine ... she was in the sunroom and she was one happy wooflet!

remember my wordless wednesday post from last week? ...

my bedroom curtain fabric arrived and I was very excited! well I pinned it all the other day ...

... and today I spent many happy hours sewing them up ..

... I machined the tops and then sat in a comfy chair and caught up with Trial and Retribution while hand-sewing the sides (so the stitching wouldn't show) the best way to spend an afternoon!

Dilly-dog enjoyed her walk too, and although its still cold, it felt like Spring is really coming :)

hope you have all had a lovely day today too :)


  1. Sounds like a lovely, relaxed day! Your hair looks great, and bless Dilly-Dog :) Sounds like I better day than I had - was in Milton Keynes on training all day. Training was mind numbing, as was the travelling! xx


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