magpie monday :: pine tables

Steve was looking at a local facebook page where people stick a photo of what they want to sell and you contact them if you are interested ... he managed to be the first to secure these 2 tables ... not actually these 2, as ours are currently over at Steve's place ... but exactly the same as these! We paid £25 for the little coffee table and £35 for the console table ... when looking for these pictures on line, I discovered that the coffee table is £70 and the console table is £100 new ... the ones we picked up on Wednesday night from the local seller are in great condition and worth every penny :)

I probably wouldn't have thought we needed this console table, but it was such a good price and went with the coffee table that we couldn't say no!

I am really pleased with them and can't wait till the house is ready and we can start using them :D


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx