the sun shone

I woke and the sun was shining ... it was shining outside and it was shining in my spirit ... I looked ahead at the next few months and I saw sunshine ... I saw new beginning and a new life ... it was as if I was standing in a doorway looking out on to this beautiful scene ... behind me, inside, it was dark and all I wanted was to step out ... take a few steps and enjoy every minute of it ... I stood on that door step today and took a few deep breaths of what is to come ... I stood with peace in my heart and a realisation that I have never looked forward with such happiness and excitement at the next few months as I do right now ... and not just the next few months, my whole future!

I have never felt such a brightness over my future before, with no black clouds ... I am looking forward to it all ... and this lovely bright future starts with a trip away ... a little holiday ... a birthday ... and a new journal, as a new chapter needs a fresh new page ... I'm going one better and going to start a new book! ... my old journal will be closed and the remaining pages left blank

I have so much to thank God for and so much marvel over ... so much has changed in my life and yet it all feels so natural and normal ... like it always was like this ... yet I have not forgotten before ... I still remember the pain ... but its back there in the dark ... I don't look back ... I don't need to as I have an amazing view ahead of me!

the sun shone today and spring arrived ... properly arrived ... there were buds and blossoms all over the hedges ... new growth ... it has been a long hard winter, but spring is here and summer always follows spring ... ahead is sunshine ... lots of lovely soak it up and run around like you were a kid sunshine ... something tried to pull me back into the darkness this evening, but I am not going to look back at it or let it ... I am going to take that step out into this gorgeous spring and I am going to lie in the sun and look up at the clouds and thank God every day that he has blessed me.


  1. Wonderful post! I am so pleased and happy for you! God bless you as you embrace the sun, the new start and your future :-) xxxx


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