where have I been?

I feel like I have not blogged properly for ages ... I have been kinda busy doing 10 things at once ...

After working loads (and I mean loads) of extra hours the last few months at work, my hours have now gone way down, to less then before!! This is actually pretty good (apart from the loss of money) as I'm leaving at the end of the month to start my own business up again (I know!! why?? I swore I never wanted to do tax returns again!! haha) so its given me lots of time to plan.

I have been shopping ... a whole day of mega shopping with my mum ... happy day! totally broke now!! but I do have some gorgeous baskets and other home bits!

I have been crying over Joanna's blog ... this week they have been in China to adopt their second child ... I cried a couple of years ago too when they picked up little M ... I am so happy for them.

I have been trying to get organised and labeled a load of folders and boxes.

I went to the Hobby Craft Sewing show at the NEC and had a lovely time with my mum, cousin and two aunties :D

I have made some new designs and am very excited about other ideas I have.

I am still drinking lots of tea!

I've moved my work mobile to a different network ready for when I move in a couple of months, as there is no reception there!

I have done big sort/clear out and listed a load on ebay (yes, I am totally shocked at the cost of sending packets now ... I will be using My Hermes far more)

I have been sewing hexagons for my patchwork quilt.

I have been missing my man who is working hard lambing.

I have done a bit of work on my website ready for maria's little owl to be up and running ... still got more to do though.

I'm wishing my diet was working :/

I am thankful I have unlimited texts!

I enjoyed watching C4 Labyrinth based on the book by Kate Mosse.

I am wondering how I will fit all my crafts into our little home!

I have been orgainsing my organiser ... my filofax... and made new dividers for it.

I have a new nephew ... Benjamin ... born on his due date, 29.3.13 ... so I now have 4 beautiful nieces (my newest niece is one of the photos below) and a 2 scrummy nephews.

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  1. Ooh, good luck with your business!
    The patchwork looks lovely! I've just learned how to do it this morning and I've spent all afternoon cutting at stitching little hexagons!


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