put the kettle on

do you remember the LOVELY storage jars and bread bin I bought back in February? ... remember I couldn't get the coffee jar? well I managed to get it a month ago and it made me a very happy girl :)

last week mum and I had a shopping day ... it wasn't intentional, but ended up being a bit of a spending day ... those are the best really aren't they :) while out and about we went to the new NEXT home store that opened up not long ago ... I found a few lovely bit including these great mugs that match my kitchen jars!

while I was there I picked up one of their catalogues, I think I could live in NEXT land ... there are so many lovely home things ... I couldn't believe it when I saw the most perfect kettle ......... its a tea pot !!!!

I was a bit down on Wednesday, so my lovely Steve took me out yesterday to cheer me up ... we ended up spending a bit of money ... well that sure cheered me up! ;) haha ... and guess what? he love the kettle too ... so I bought it :) and its china so feels really lovely! I'm not sure if we still need a tea pot now though! haha!

I thought I would show you a few other kitchen bit I have recently got ...
a :: lovely glass vase for my birthday
b :: cream wire drainer
c :: the prettiest cutlery ever!

I can't wait to get all my pretty bits out ... the kitchen is coming on so hopefully it won't be too long x


  1. I love Next home stuff - I'm just very stingy, so generally wait for sales or vouchers given to me at Christmas!

    I got a gorgeous picture frame there a couple of weeks ago - three birds hanging together. Mad about it.

    I also got an ice lolly maker with heart shaped holders - but it was smashed by the children before we even used it :-(

    Absolutely LOVE your new kettle.


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