magpie monday :: discovering wales

Mum and I went shopping in Hereford on Thursday and there is a new charity shop opened (well new since I last went!) which is an Oxfam, but it is ALL books! There is a sofa there and everything!!

I picked up a couple of vintage books ...

they are full of old postcard style paintings ... it makes me want to work my way through visiting all the places and the frame the pictures :)

remember the chairs I shared with you the other week? ... well I painted them!

you can't really see the colour here cos the sun was shining ...

you can see the colour better when they are inside!
pink and green ... but very soft and very pale ... his and hers ... is that really cheesy? ;)

I just need to make some pretty patchwork cushions for them now :D

while we are on the subject of painting ... I have been having a bit of a splash over the last few weeks ...

remember that andy-pandy bench we got back in February ... we sanded it down hoping but the wood had quite a dead black look so I decided to paint it ...

(sorry the photos are not great I quickly snapped them while I was working)

I have had this gorgeous oak oval table since I first left home when I was a teenager ... its had varnish on it for many many years and while the sander was out, it got a going over too!

I have waxed the top and it is gorgeous, I love it ... but the legs seemed to have a pinky look to the wood and so I decided to paint the legs to freshen it up ... I still have one more coat to do but I am really pleased with how its looking! (again sorry about the blurred photo)


  1. Wow you have been busy!

    All your furniture looks brilliant - I love painted wood.

    I'm also coveting your Welsh books too since our trip to North Wales a couple of weeks back, such a beautiful part of the world.


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