my day at Wimbledon

on Monday, my lovely cousin and I went to Wimbledon ... we woke at 3.30am (!!) caught a train to London at 4.30am, joined the queue at Wimbledon at 6.30am and got in to to Wimbledon at 11.00am ... we had the most wonderful day, taking in the atmosphere, drinking wine and watching some tennis :D

the queue was really chilled and relaxed and lots of people just lay down on their blankets and slept! we managed to catch the sun and have a good long chat!

they handed out queuing cards so we would stay in our place and a guide to queuing ... I did think, hey, we are British, we know how to queue!

the queue moved and we changed direction in the field!

once we started moving though we walked for another hour and got handed out free bottles of water and went through security and a bag check.

the bottle neck of security though meant that we went through the ticket office really fast and after 4 1/2 hours of queuing, we suddenly found ourselves in there! (11am)

we wandered around a bit, but due to being up since 3.30am and in the sun for over 4 hours we were feeling pretty dazed and found somewhere in the shade and sat for a while taking in the atmosphere.

we saw Djokovic having a practice on court 11

Jonathan Marray on court 6 Mens doubles - 3rd round

Robert Lindstedt on court 6 Mens doubles - 3rd round

the match board outside Centre Court 

looking across at the Members Enclosure

Adrian Mannarino on court 14 - Mens singles - 4th round

Lukasz Kubot on court 14 - Mens singles - 4th round

I loved watching the ball boy and lines men & women

I was totally struck by how beautiful if was ... all the flowers were purple to fit in with the Wimbledon colours and everything was so well looked after. This is the rose arbour ...

Ladies Singles on court 18 - 4th round

looking across at court 19 from court 18

Wimbledon - Purple & Green

it was a perfect day, my cousin and I have the same approach to a day out ... go with the flow, drink wine, lots of chatter and enjoy!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx