olive owl

do you remember Olive? the little owl I made last year? .... well she is going to come round with me and have some adventures (my life isn't that exciting, but it will be for her!) ... and I am going to record them in photographs ... this is going to be my new photo project now my a-z photo project has finished. She is only 9cm high, so can fit easily in my bag and as my phone goes with me everywhere anyway, I should be able to keep up with snapping her wherever we go ... the photos will be available to follow on instagram (just search #mariaslittleowl) and I will post some on here too

olive is a very quiet little owl and often people don't know she is there, which suits her as her favourite hobby is people watching ... she loves to go to new places and taking her pretty pink bag with her :)


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx