this summer

this summer has not been at all what I thought it would be
but I guess life is not like that
I should know that by now

I should know that time flies and suddenly its the end of July
I should know that my health is not going to be great and days will disappear and I will get frustrated with myself
I should know that nothing happens the way 'I plan it'

I should know to let go and trust God
I should know that 'His plan' is better than mine and I should go with the flow
I should know that most things are not worth getting stressed over

I should instead spend my time thanking him for the best Summer of my life
I should just relax and enjoy all his blessings
I should not waste the rest of this wonderful Summer

I am thankful and I am blessed
I am happy and I am where God wants me to be
I am excited and I am in love


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