this week

this week has not been how I thought it would be ... it's been so hot and I have been ill. I have spent a few days hardly able to move from my bed and feeling really frustrated as I am doing my first craft fair in about 6/7 years tomorrow and I have had to just say, you know what ... what's done is enough and I just hope I am up to it tomorrow!

I have missed my mum, she is visiting my brother ... I miss her when she is away. I am in my 30's but I still need her and she is one of my best friends. I know I am really lucky to have her.

poor dilly-dog has had a pretty dull few days, but she has lovingly kept me company and been as sweet as ever :)

I was excited to receive a parcel this morning containing the pretty bathroom curtain fabric I had ordered, just feel a bit bummed I've not been well enough today to make them :( I think the bathroom is the closest to being a finished room ... which is really exciting :)

I received a beautiful bunch of roses on Tuesday ... just cos he loves me! Totally made my week :)

hasn't it been hot! I know I shouldn't complain, but I don't cope well in the heat at the best of times, and being ill and in pain when it's so close and humid has been horrid :/ .... talking of hot, did I tell you we camped out in out little home last weekend ... swept all the saw-dust away and stuck a mattress on the floor ... we had the fan going all evening to try and cool the place down ... it got about bearable about 3.15 when the cockerel decided it was time to wake us up! I loved it though and it was lovely to look up when in bed at the lovely wooden ceiling and see how hard Steve has worked and how lovely it all is :) I am so lucky to have him!

I finished my book, another great Nicky Charles fantasy :) that kept me lost in another world for a few evenings!

well I really should go to sleep now and hopefully I will be up to tomorrow :) if you are in Kimbolton, Herefordshire tomorrow, it's the Summer fayre and I would love it if you popped by and said hi! 


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx