magpie monday :: WOOD AND GLASS

My brother and family are moving at the end of the month and so my sister-in-law is having a huge clear out and she passed onto me a 'very' shabby chic wooden box ..

... when I say 'very' I mean it was genuinely tatty ;)

so yesterday I washed it, sanded it down and painted it ...

I am really pleased with how its turned out and will be a perfect place for me to keep my filo-fax's and other note books I use ... not bad for a freebie! thanks Bex!

I am also really excited about another thing ... my mum and I were having a lovely chat on Friday about what fruit and veg I want to grow in my garden, and I said I really wanted to get a greenhouse. The next day, Steve's mum mentioned she wanted to get rid of hers as she doesn't use it any more ... I am so excited to get it and can't wait to start growing ... I have already made a list of the seeds I need to get next year :)

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  1. Wow how fab. Free stuff is the absolute best! Great going with the greenhouse.


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