tutorial :: COASTERS

its getting to that time when I am starting to think about Christmas presents .... WHAT!! I hear you say ... well when you are on a budget and like to make a lot of presents you need to start early so these simple coasters are a great gift :)

1. you need
tiles, all purpose glue, felt and scissors

2. cutting
cut the felt just a little bigger than the tiles

3. gluing
glue the back of the tile, spreading the glue evenly all over especially at the edges and corners

carefully place the felt over the glued area and with your fingers gently press down, especially at the edges and leave to dry

4. trimming
once the glue is dry, using sharp scissors, trim the felt around the edge of the tiles

... and there you have it ... simple hard wearing tiles :)

I would love to see any you make so please leave a link in the comments below!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx