nativity in the post

so I have been looking for the perfect nativity set ... I used to have a little black fair trade one ... my mum has a beautiful vintage one {you can see here } that has been in the family for years ... so I have scoured the internet looking for the perfect one ... I looked at vintage ones, fair trade ones and hand made ones and eventually decided on this beautiful handmade one from the US ...

I ordered it and was really happy when the lovely seller Becke and Bailey said she had included an extra sheep that she had as Steve works a lot with sheep :)

It arrived today so it felt like Christmas had come already! It was beautifully wrapped and was perfect after its long journey

I have packed it all up again, ready to take over to the cabin for Christmas ... oh I can't wait to make the cabin Christmassy!

... I just love these camels ... not many sets have camels and these are just great!

please don't tell me off for getting excited or organised for Christmas ... I can't help it!!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx