owl cabin

Steve, knowing I love owls, had the brain wave of putting owls on the top of the apex of the cabin roof ... so I drew out a template and he cut me out a couple in ply-wood

I primed them and then using photos as a guide, I drew a rough outline ...

I was originally going to just have an owl silhouette up there with maybe the eyes cut out, but I must have been in the mood to paint and I ended up going really detailed.

I loved doing the feathers, but I am not sure how like the photo it looks!

I wasn't very happy with the legs and feet ... the body needed to be longer and maybe have a scalloped tail ...

I figured I wouldn't be able to do 2 the same so I went for one brown and one grey ...

they had quite different faces and I managed to make the body on the grey one look longer

I painted the sides and the backs too ... although the backs would never be seen, but I wanted to do them anyway!

I then put about 3 layers of exterior satin varnish on them, especially around the sides ... there is a lot of weather up there in the Welsh mountains and I don't want any water getting in!

it took 8 hours to dry between each layer so I would do a layer in the morning and in the evening

do you think they need naming?

last weekend Steve put them up ...

I helped by saying 'left a little, right a little' ... I'm not that great with heights!

the grey one is on the front ...

... and the brown one on the back ...

you can see them from quite a way away :) .... I just hope they survive the weather!


  1. They're fabulous, you clever thing. I'm thinking perhaps you need an owl weathervane next... x

  2. AMAZING!!! I think once should be called Steve and the other Maria, I'll let you decide on which is which :)


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