the bad and the good the good and the bad

bad :: I am getting drawn back in to some soaps that I had given up
good :: met up with some friends I haven't seen in a few years for some fun and shopping (see photo below)
bad :: diet didn't do so well ... and still isn't doing so well now :/

good :: I have got all my side of the family and friends presents sorted for Christmas ... so am on track!
bad :: dilly-dog hurt her neck, cost me a fortune at the vets (she is worth it!!) and was yelping in pain like I have never heard her do before :(
good :: rest and her medication worked and she is so much better!! :D

bad :: my hair pulling has got really bad this month
good :: I have lots of lovely goodies ready to move into our lovely home just as soon as I can!!
bad :: my desk is still a mess

good :: our lovely home is really coming on :D
bad :: I bent my toe nail back under the back door ... ooowwweee!!
good :: I am happy :D so happy!


  1. Ahhhh well Dilly dog is better and your Happy thats the main thing all the other things will be sorted Big Hugs xxx


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