its not too early for Christmas is it!??
I have made this fun advent calendar for Steve and I can't wait to have fun finding sweets and chocolates that fit it!

1. you need
24 match boxes, christmas paper, tags, twine, double sided tape, number stamps and ink pad

2. covering
first you need to empty all the boxes!

cut the christmas paper to cover the outside of the boxes ... the size for the matchboxes I used was 5.5cm x 10.5cm

cover the back of the papers with strips of double sided tape

peel the tape off and carefully line up the paper to the outside of the box ...

fold the box flat, and stick to the next side ...

fold the next side round and stick again ...

... keep going on the last side ...

and fold the overlap over too

3. numbering tags
get 24 tags and take off the string

using number stamp and an inkpad, stamp the tags 1 to 24

4. attaching the tags
stick some double sided tape on the back of the tags

attach the twine to the tags, I used about 3ocm per tag

wrap the twine around the box and tie a bow at the front. keep it tied tight and peel off the double sided tape on the back of the tag to keep it in place.

and there you have it ... a set of boxes ready to fill with chocolates or sweets or any other tiny thing you can fill them with!

I have put mine in a basket, but you could line them up, stack them up, tie more twine and attach them to a branch and have them hanging or put them in a box

I would love to see any you make so please leave a link in the comments below!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx