don't forget the roses

back at the beginning of September, Steve bought me these beautiful roses. I took photos as I always do, wanting to remember the beauty of them. I then put the photos on here, on my blog, but didn't get round to publishing them ... I'm not sure why!

the last few months seem to have totally blurred into one ... I have felt quite emotional and had had some ups and downs ... I feel like I haven't stopped and everything is piling up to be sorted but it will just have to wait.

I guess no matter how much I am looking forward to our future and can't wait to start our life together properly, its change ... I don't feel anxious about it, but its change.

boxes and furniture piled up in one house and wood, plasterboard, tools and a whole lot of dust in the other ... driving a 50 mile round trip just to do some work there is tiring too ... but its so good to see the end is in sight ... rooms looking like rooms and the views still take my breath away!

it's taking all our thoughts, its taking all our energy ... Steve and his dad have been working so hard all year ... when we move in, it won't be completely finished ... there will still be some bits to do, but we will be in and not only can we have the fun of sorting out where things go, but Christmas is just around the corner and a cabin lends its self to a Christmassy-dream!!

it's funny, when you have waited for a change in your life for so long and then it happens, and its a good change, and you are happy ... you still have to adjust, you still have to process it ... no matter how much you are going with the flow ... there was the before and there is the after, but at the moment I am in the in-between ... its at the end of the in-between and I still feel as unprepared as ever, but its all good

we have been so blessed with bargains, freebies and generous relatives ... I know we couldn't have done it without them ... I am so looking forward to showing photos on here once we are settled in and giving you a sneaky-peek in our lovely home :)

there are times in your life for crazyness, work and play, times for sadness and  for love, times for adventures, times for unsettledness, times for taking chances and times for going with the flow ... heres hoping that the next chapter of my life will be a time for nesting and a time joy.

there is a rose bush outside the front door ... its been there for 30 years ... its had building going on all around it and yet it is still in bloom ... it's the middle on November and it still smells sweet ... it is beautiful dark red and I hope its there in another 30 years!

I still can't believe how blessed I am and I need to remember to step back and enjoy every step, every moment and smell every rose!

have a happy Sunday everyone x


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx