guess who has a new puppy?!!
we do!
we are now a family of 4!
... say hello to Timber, our Alaskan Malamute Husky cross ... he is 11 weeks old and is like a ball of fur!

we picked him up this morning ... it was hard to choose as there were 3 gorgeous boys to choose from, but both Steve and I were drawn to this little fella! He is Steve's boy really (early birthday present!) but both Dilly-dog and I are totally in love with him too :)

he was very good on the journey home and has settled in brilliantly so far. Dilly gave him a warm welcome and after a little food and explore, he settled down for some male-bonding-cuddle time with Steve ... and a bit of a snooze!

I was very worried about Dillys back cos she does get very excited and starts bouncing which is not good for her, but she has been very good so far but we are still trying to keep her calm!

these were taken on my phone after Timber had had a little shut-eye ...

he is already the same size as Dilly, so it wont be long before he dwarfs her!
well I'm going to give Dilly some cuddles now cos she is still my baby x


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