towel rail from a wardrobe

sounds odd I know!! but that's what I did :)

we have been in need of a towel rail and among all my stuff was one of those canvas wardrobes that I have not used for about 7 years ... it was all taken apart so basically just bits of slatted wood ... the bottom bit with slats closes together, has made a great dog barrier, perfect for if I'm unloading the car and don't want dilly running around in the mud, I can just stick it across the living room entrance as she doesn't jump over it :)  another bit ... the bit below was the top of the wardrobe has made a great towel rail ... I got Steve to add a bit of wood (also from the wardrobe) across the top to stop it twisting and then I waxed it the same as the wood in the bathroom as it was a very pale pine before.

I am really pleased with how simple it was and how it has turned out ... and it was free!!

it fits perfectly between the sink and the door too and over the radiator so can dry the towels at the same time!


I love reading your comments ... thank you xx